GIESSER MESSER specialise in manufacturing knives for chef's and butchers – professionals with high demands on the tools of their trade. Finest source materials and a high degree of expertise guarantee knives of exceptional quality. First, the blade is forged or stamped from a single piece of chrome-molybdenum steel. Next, a sophisticated vacuumtempering process is used to harden the blade. The result? A knife with highest edge retention and optimum metal microstructure.


So that you can enjoy using your knives as much as the professionals do, here are a few tips in knife care:

  • After contact with fruit acid and other food containing acids (eg mustard)
    immediately clean the knife blade.

  • When possible clean your knives by hand: thus you prevent that the blade
    gets in contact with aggressive detergents or chlorine water for too long.

  • If cleaning in a dishwasher take care that only detergents are used that are recommended by the cutlery industry.

  • Store your knives only in a dry place.

  • Clean your knife immediately after use.

  • Wooden handles should be cleaned with warm water, never let them rest in water for too long time otherwise the wood wells up.

  • Never abuse your knife as a can opener, screw driver, lever or cleaver.

  • Always use a wooden or plastic board as cutting base. Never cut on a plate, on metal or stone.

  • When re-sharpening the blade always take care that the edge is polished with a very fine grinding belt or a felt wheel after the initial grinding.

  • Sharpen your knives on a sharpening stone with plenty of water – it prevents the steel from getting too hot and thus loosing the edge. When grinding on a band machine take care that the steel doesn’t get too hot.

  • The sharpening wheel must run smoothly, this guarantees an even edge and optimum blade profile.

  • After sharpening always refine or polish the edge with a very fine grinding belt or a felt wheel.

  • The burr that exists after sharpening must always be honed carefully with a hand honing stone. If you hone too much the blade is blunt again.


Our guarantee

GIESSER uses only materials, that comply with european food hygiene laws.


Cleaning and storage

All GIESSER knives with plastic handles are dishwasher-proof, we recommend however cleaning by hand to avoid any possible damages and the forming of stains and oxidation. Knife blocks or inserts for gastronorm containers offer good storing methods to protect the blades from damages. to easily transport your knives you will find a selection of knife cases and knife rolls in different designs and measures as well as our knife safe for individual knives.